Loose Change Productions, founded in 2009, creates transnational, cross-cultural theatre and performance exploring new creative, moral, ethical, and political territories. We develop work within the company itself, and co-produce with outside venues. Our interest is in innovative structures; we seek stories that entertain but, more importantly, spur social awareness and empathy between diverse cultures and sectors.

Loose Change Productions has worked with Spiderwoman Theater producing Red Mother and Material Witness, with Dipti Mehta in her solo work Honour about child prostitutes in India, and with Judy Frank on Notes to Wherever, on loss and mourning. We recently concluded our first Summer Sessions, in which invited playwrights could hear their work in development in cold-reads by actors.

Spiderwoman’s Material Witness, about domestic violence in Native communities, was praised by The New York Times as “rowdy and playful, displaying an enormous sense of energy, strength and good will. Yet its subject is dead serious: the physical abuse of indigenous women in the United States and Canada”. (Anita Gates ). We are set to celebrate their 40th Anniversary in 2017.